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What is Counselling Like?

Counselling might feel like strange experience in the beginning. It can feel difficult to speak to another person about what's troubling you, especially someone you don't know at first. I will do my best to ensure that you feel counselling is a safe and secure, confidential environment. When we begin I will invite you to tell your story of what brings you to counselling and I will listen to what you have to say without judgement. We can discuss together what you would like out of counselling, and I will be honest with you about what is possible. As we progress, together we will explore whatever you bring to counselling. Mostly we will do this by talking about it, and sometimes through creative means like drawing. It is your choice what we talk about and how we explore issues together. I won't tell you what to do or how to be, I believe each person has the capacity to find their own best way forward. I will support you through this process and offer reflections, suggestions, challenges and insights that I feel might be helpful.  

How Can Counselling Help?

You might be wondering what speaking to someone can do to help you. Sometimes its helpful simply to tell your story and be really heard by another person. Counselling is also a tool for change. Together we can examine what's troubling you; to help you come to terms with painful feelings or experiences; to help you to identify and work through those things you would like to change; and to strengthen the aspects of yourself that are already supporting you. Through engaging in this process, you will get to know yourself better, and I will support you in making the changes that may help you to feel better, whether that be a change of perspective or way of being.  It is my best hope that counselling can support you be more fully yourself.

Client Experience

"I was a client of Catie’s for roughly 7 months. I was going through a variety of different issues all at once, which left me overwhelmed and so I reached out to Catie for help. It was her calm and distinctly non-judgemental approach that helped me get through it all. She would listen intently and take in all I had to say, without interrupting. Her clear perspective was crucial in helping me see through the murkiness of life at the time. Through my time with Catie, I gained much needed appreciation of my place in the world and a positive perspective that I have kept building upon. I would highly recommend Catie, if you are struggling with difficult issues or are in need of support, she is an irreplaceable resource." 

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